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Meade Kart Racing


Race Summary: Sunday (Finals)

Event: ASN FIA Canadian National Championship
Date: August 14
Location: St-Roch-de-l'Achigan, PQ

  Length Start Finish
Pre-Final 10 laps 33 29
Final 20 laps 29 23

Sunday morning wreaked havoc on every participant. The warm-up sessions were run in the rain. People wondered if it would rain all day. The weather forecast called for rain and reports came in that there was even heavier rain falling just minutes from the track. But as the warm-upís ended, so did the rain. The track dried during the first classesí races and the Canada Senior class was stuck in the middle.

Two dismal qualifying heats caused Jared to start the pre-final on the back row in 33rd. Most of the field had gone back to slick tires but there were a handful of drivers who stayed on rain tires. Jared was glad that he used slicks because he climbed back into 29th position.

The atmosphere was electric as drivers lined up for the national final. The drivers ran a parade lap then stopped to give interviews. But after all of the festivities, the drivers went down to business. Jared left from the 29th grid position. Again Jared was able to grab a few positions in the first corners but this is the national final, there was little give and take on the track. There was pushing and shoving and blocking everywhere. Jared received minor damage in the early stages then major damage on the third lap. The nose cone was crushed onto the left front wheel and a tie rod was bent. The kart became very difficult to drive because the kart would no longer go straight nor turn properly. Jared managed to use his left foot to kick the crushed nose cone clear of the wheel. Jared was also driving wounded. His hand was in extreme pain after trying to repair his kart on Saturday. Jared had to clench his teeth and drive a broken kart for the remaining 17 laps. On lap 5 Jared threaded through a large crash, involving fellow Maritimer Christina Meloche. Jared drove full throttle through a filed of karts and debris. After the field spread out, Jared settled into a pack of three karts. Jared was able to pace his pack and hold off two charging karts. At the end of twenty laps Jared crossed the line in 23rd.

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We as a team would like to thank our sponsors:

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