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Meade Kart Racing


Race Summary: Saturday (Heat Races)

Event: ASN FIA Canadian National Championship
Date: August 13
Location: St-Roch-de-l'Achigan, PQ

  Length Start Finish
Heat 1 8 laps 29 32
Heat 2 8 laps 29 29

Saturday brought on a new challenge for Jared. He was forced to start 29th in the first qualifying heat. Jared has never raced with more than 18 karts let alone start behind 28 other karts. Jared needed to make up as many positions as quickly as possible but he also had to keep the kart in one piece. Jared was only able to fulfil one of those requirements. Jared rocketed off of the start and gained four positions before the third turn. He then passed two more before turn six and another in turn eight. As the field flew towards turn nine, two karts made contact. Drivers took evasive action but more drivers hit each other in an attempt to miss the original incident. With karts spinning in front of and to the right of the #43 kart Jared ventured into the grass on his left. He appeared to be clear of the incident until one kart slid into the grass and into Jaredís path. Meade stayed on the throttle but the other kart slammed into the right side of Meade. Jared was able to rejoin the race but with heavy damage to the side of his kart. Jared feared a black flag because of the extensive damage so he hammered on the side pod with his fist to make it appear to be intact. After climbing to as high as 22nd on the start, Jared finished this race in 32nd position after being involved in the incident on the first lap.

Again Jared started the second heat in 29th position. That race was restarted after an incident in turn three that involved most of the field. Jared received only minor damage to the nose cone. Jared got another great start and gained positions in the opening lap. But the team was plagued with straightaway speed problems and Jared lost the positions that he had gained on the start. He finished in 29th.


We as a team would like to thank our sponsors:

Larry Hachey of National Leasing, Rothesay NB.

Lutz Longstaff, Barristers and solicitors Hampton N.B.

Higgins General Insurance Rothesay N.B.

Design Art Signs Saint John N.B.

Ultimate Auto Care Quispamsis, N.B.