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Meade Kart Racing


Race Summary: MPKS Geary

Event: MPKS Race #3
Date: July 24
Location: Geary, NB

  Laps Start Finish
Heat 1 10 6 7
Heat 2 10 4 6
Heat 3 - - -
Feature 20 7 6

After two disappointing weekends of racing leading into the third MPKS, the team saw that an engine rebuild was necessary. During the rebuild, the team realized the source of their season long engine problems. The crankshaft showed major factory flaws and the cylinder had a pit in it so deep that it could not be bored or honed out. There was little the team could do so close to race day so the engine was reassembled and put on the kart. The team arrived in Geary hoping for the best. Unfortunately, the best would not happen. The engine sounded terrible and it produced no power.

The draw for the starting grid placed Jared second last on the grid. Jared just watched the field fly away on the start. It was noticed however, that Jared was making up much of the gap in the tight infield section only to lose it down the long front straight. Jared also knew what was happening. Jared came off of the track very frustrated. He knew that it is driver and chassis setup that gets you through the corner and engine that gets you down the straight. Jared was one of the fastest karts in the tricky corners but the slowest down the straight.

Jared’s frustration built in the second qualifying heat. He started fourth but fell to the back of the pack early. He felt helpless as he watched the pack simply drive away from him after he made up huge amounts of time in the corners. Jared was able to gain one position after a last lap incident in the lead group. This put him in sixth position.

Jared started the feature on the back row in seventh. He just rode around for the twenty laps. The engine was so bad that he was no longer able to make up time in the corners. He was going so slow that he did not have to brake going into the tight hairpin. He ran the entire track wide open using no brake. Jared finished sixth because one driver was unable to finish.

Jared left Geary very frustrated. He knew that he had what it took to win as a driver but his equipment let him down. The team is under unfortunate circumstances; this low budget team is the only team in the senior light class that does not have a backup engine. All the other drivers have a few engines ready to go, MKR has just one engine. This also adds to Jared’s long list of bad luck that has stricken him over the years. The team thought they were moving ahead when they made the major purchase of a new engine for this season. But the one engine they received was just a pile of factory flaws. Crew chief David said “Honda built one bad engine, and we got it.” The team now has to consider their options, with five races left in the CKRA championship and one final Maritime Pro Kart Race at their home track, but more importantly, the Nationals are in just three weeks. The team needs to figure something out to get them through the rest of the season.

We as a team would like to thank our sponsors:

Larry Hachey of National Leasing, Rothesay NB.

Lutz Longstaff, Barristers and solicitors Hampton N.B.

Higgins General Insurance Rothesay N.B.

Design Art Signs Saint John N.B.

Ultimate Auto Care Quispamsis, N.B.