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Meade Kart Racing


Race Summary: CKRA Race #7

Event:CKRA race #7
Date:August 28
Location: Moncton, NB

  Laps Start Finish
Heat 1 10 4 3
Heat 2 10 4 3
Heat 3 10 3 2
Feature 20 3 3

After an off week, the team was eager to get back on the track. Jared was hot in morning practice as he blistered the track with his fastest laps of the season. Going into the qualifying heats, the team really thought that they had a chance to win a few races that day.

The first heat looked like it belonged to Jared. He took the lead on the first lap and stayed on point until the white flag was displayed. On the final lap, Jared encountered lapped traffic. Jared barely missed the slower kart but that was the least of his problems. The second place driver decided that they were going to win one way or another. Jared felt a push down the back straight, it did not bother him too much. But the pushing persisted deep into turn three. Jared entered the corner too fast because of the excessive push. Jared managed to keep his kart in control and stay in the lead. He then was hit again. The back of the kart began to slide out, but again Jared regained control. Just as it seemed that Jared would overcome the bumping and win the race, Jared received a third bump. The kart was still sliding when the last hit occurred and that was the icing on the cake. Jared was unable to keep the kart on the bottom of the racetrack. He slid up and touched one wheel into the grass. The kart went into a quick spin but Jared regained control after one spin and Jared salvaged a third place finish.

Jared came off of the track irate with what had just happened. Discussions were held with race officials but no action was taken concerning the first heat.

Jared set out to start the second heat still fuming. Jared took the early lead but then the same driver attempted a risky pass on Jared, he moved over and let the driver pass. It is better to voluntarily lose one position, than end up off of the track again and lose more spots. A few laps later Rob MacLeod also passed Meade. Jared and Rob tried to catch the leader but the two were unable to catch the overpowered leader. Jared then tried to pass MacLeod. The two karts raced nose to tail and side by side for laps on end without making contact. Spectators were treated as these two drivers gave each other everything they had EXCEPT their bumper. MacLeod prevailed in this battle and Jared once again finished third.

The third heat saw Jared fall into third early as he had difficulty avoiding slower karts. The top three karts raced nose to tail until drivers got impatient. MacLeod lead the race until again the second place driver decided that the use of the bumper was necessary. Jared watched helplessly as he watched his good friend get run right off of the track. Jared was now in second but he was not close enough to post a challenge to the race leader.

Jared started the feature race from the third grid position. Jared stayed in the third position for the duration of the race. Jared wanted to make a charge for second position. He made a few attempts at a pass but could not make the kart stick. The handling had gone away and Jared elected to stay in third instead of attempt a pass that he knew that he could not make. If he tried to make the pass again, he would likely cause an accident so he used his better judgement and settled for a third place finish.

We as a team would like to thank our sponsors:

Larry Hachey of National Leasing, Rothesay NB.

Lutz Longstaff, Barristers and solicitors Hampton N.B.

Higgins General Insurance Rothesay N.B.

Design Art Signs Saint John N.B.

Ultimate Auto Care Quispamsis, N.B.