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Meade Kart Racing


Race Summary: CKRA Race #3

Event: CKRA Race #3
Date: June 12
Location: Moncton, NB

  Laps Start Finish
Heat 1 10 2 3
Heat 2 10 2 DNF
Heat 3 10 1 DNF
Feature 20 - -

For the third of the past four weeks, the skies were dark and rain fell. There was a short window where the teams got some practice laps in the dry but it didn’t stay long enough to get any racing in on the dry track. The first heat left something to be desired for the MKR team. The kart was handling good in the poor conditions but they were lacking horsepower. Jared was catching the field in the corners but was getting left in their dust when they hit the straight.

The second heat revealed that their problems were much worse than a simple set up problem. The engine had no power and left a plume of smoke behind the 43 kart. Jared knew from the driver’s seat that something was wrong and pitted only four laps into the race. The team then went into repair mode. The engine came apart, valves were checked, the ignition system was checked and carburetor was checked. When nothing was found the team knew that there was a serious problem deep inside the engine.

Jared took to the grid for the third heat just hoping to take the green flag for points. By virtue of his last place finish in the previous heat, Jared started on the pole. Half way through the first lap, Jared was back to fifth and the engine sounded flat so once again he brought the kart down pit road this time on only the second lap.

Through the intermission, the kart sat up on a stand surrounded by four men and three drivers all scratching their heads and all asking the same question. “What is wrong with this engine?” In favor of preventing further damage to their only engine, the team did not even take the kart to the grid. The team loaded up and went home. They are now looking at long week as they try to fix the problem, which is still unknown, in time for the second race of the Maritime Pro Kart Series next week.


We as a team would like to thank our sponsors:

Larry Hachey of National Leasing, Rothesay NB.

Lutz Longstaff, Barristers and solicitors Hampton N.B.

Higgins General Insurance Rothesay N.B.

Design Art Signs Saint John N.B.

Ultimate Auto Care Quispamsis, N.B.